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Dear car owners!
In connection with the entry into force from October 22, 2008 Law "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners," each holder (natural or legal person) of a vehicle must insure his/her civil liability for damage to life, health or property of other individuals caused by using vehicle types.

To conclude the compulsory insurance contract with an insurance company SJSIC "Kafolat" (JSC), you should apply to any division of our company and submit the following documents:
1) A passport or other identity document of the insured, as well as all other individuals who are authorized to control the vehicle and copies thereof;
2) The technical passport or certificate of state registration of the vehicle and a copy thereof;
3) The authorization to drive a vehicle or other document confirming the right of possession for the vehicle and a copy thereof;
4) Driving licenses of all individuals admitted to control the vehicle, or other documents confirming the right to control the vehicle and copies thereof;
5) If the policyholder is entitled to receive discounts on insurance premiums - a document (certificate, etc.), confirming the involvement of the insured (the owner) to the category of persons who are granted discounts, and a notarized copy of those certificates.
In accordance with the rules of compulsory insurance the insurance premium is calculated on the basis of:
- the type of vehicle;
- the territory of pre-emptive use of the vehicle;
- the number of people admitted to control;
- the experience of the driver;
- the age of the driver;
- the presence or absence of insurance claims in prior periods;
- the seasonality of  the usage of the vehicle;
- the presence of violations of the terms of insurance, etc.
After payment of the premium the client is issued an insurance policy and a special sign of the state.
The vehicle driver, along with a driver's license and other required documents must be in possession of the original insurance policy. Special state symbol should be placed in the top right corner of the windscreen of the vehicle.