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30.04.2019 - KAFOLAT Insurance Company JSC took part in a scientific and practical meeting held at the Institute of Fire Safety on the topic “Problems of creating a fire insurance institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan” >>> | 29.04.2019 - The results of the first quarter of 2019 KAFOLAT Insurance Company >>> | 27.04.2019 - April 26 at the National University of Uzbekistan named Mirzo Ulugbek, a scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Priority directions of modernization of the insurance system of the national economy" >>>

Accident insurance

None of us is fully protected from any kind of unexpected situations that can knock us out of the normal rhythm of life and often leading to disability and involuntary reduction in income.

To protect yourself and your family from unexpected financial losses and illnesses caused by accident will help an insurance policy of the company "Kafolat" (JSC).

This is a simple and affordable way for everyone to get reliable financial guarantee in the event of accident, injury, accidental acute poisoning or sudden acute illness.
Many years of experience in working with private clients allows "KAFOLAT insurance company" JSC to offer affordable and convenient insurance programs:
- Accident Insurance;
- Collective insurance against accidents at work and plant;
- Life and health insurance of the borrower against accidents;
- Travelers’ Insurance;
- Athletes’ accident Insurance.
Benefits of insurance at "KAFOLAT insurance company" JSC :
- Covering a wide range of risks;
- The settlement of losses made in the shortest possible time;
- Availability of a wide network of business units in all regions of the republic;
- The premium can be paid in installments;
- A substantial discount for family and group insurance, as well as for regular customers.
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