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On April 17, 2009 entered into force the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On compulsory insurance of civil liability of the employer."

According to the Law the employer is obliged to insure his/her civil liability to compensate for the harm caused to life or health of an employee due to industrial injury, occupational disease or other health impairment related to the performance of job duties.

Employer's liability insurance is aimed, primarily, at protecting workers in various sectors of the economy, life and health that can be harmed as a result of industrial accidents and occupational diseases.
The conclusion of the insurance contract gives the employer the opportunity to protect his/her own property interests in the event of occurrence of liability to cover the damage caused to life and health of employees in the workplace.
Insurance case - confirmed in due course is the fact on the onset of the civil liability of the employer to compensate for damage caused to life or health of an employee due to industrial injury, occupational disease or other impairment of health of employees associated with performance of job duties.
The sum insured is established:
- For the employer, exercising business, at the date of concluding the contract of insurance for more than one year - in the amount of annual wages of all employees of the employer for the previous twelve months prior to the month of the conclusion of the contract;
- For the employer, again performing its activities - in the amount of annual wages of all employees of the employer over the next twelve months, after a month of the conclusion of the contract of insurance. In this case, the annual salary is calculated by multiplying the salary for the first month by twelve;
- For employers, operating in less than one year - the salary of all employees of the employer for the duration of the activity by the employer.
The premium under the insurance contract is based on the insurance tariff. The limits of insurance rates are differentiated by economic activity, depending on the class of professional risk.
To conclude the compulsory insurance contract the employer must provide the insurer the following documents:
- A statement in the prescribed form;
- A passport or a copy of another identity, which determines the identity of the employer (if the employer is a natural person);
- A certified copy by the employer of the certificate on state registration of the employer (if the employer is a legal entity).
In the occurrence of insurance case the employer provides statement  in written form to the insurer to obtain insurance claim with the following documents:
- a copy of the order of the employer for compensation of harm caused;
- a copy of the statement of the employee or beneficiary containing the claim for the damage caused to the name of the employer;
- The information on monthly or annual salary of the employee before occurrence of the insured event;
- a copy of employment agreement (contract);
- A medical conclusion about employee's occupational disease - in the event of occupational disease;
- Documents confirming the occurrence of an accident at work and its implications for the employee (the act of a special investigation of an accident at work, the conclusion of the medical and labor expert commission, and if a dispute arises, the decision of the court.)
In case of death of the employee there should also be attached a notarized copy of the confirmation of the death of the worker and documents confirming the right of a beneficiary for reimbursement of damages.