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30.04.2019 - KAFOLAT Insurance Company JSC took part in a scientific and practical meeting held at the Institute of Fire Safety on the topic “Problems of creating a fire insurance institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan” >>> | 29.04.2019 - The results of the first quarter of 2019 KAFOLAT Insurance Company >>> | 27.04.2019 - April 26 at the National University of Uzbekistan named Mirzo Ulugbek, a scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Priority directions of modernization of the insurance system of the national economy" >>>

Property insurance

The house, interior decoration, furniture and household appliances - all are selected with love and affection during several years. You get used to them, take care for them, and they gradually become a part of your everyday life, and to throw them away is always difficult, moreover, to restore the lost at times even impossible.

Insuring your home and property - is the easiest way to protect yourself from financial losses in case of their destruction or damage.

Our company provides great opportunities to insure these types of losses, for which we have developed kinds of insurance, allowing you to insure your house, building and property located inside your home.
We provide insurance coverage:
- On the real cost of repair and decoration of housing;
- At the real cost of furniture and household appliances;
- On the real cost of plumbing.
How is the amount of insurance compensation determined?
- If the insured property is damaged the amount of indemnity will be determined by the ratio of damaged parts of the sum insured.
- In the event of total loss of the property size of the indemnity is equal to 100% of sum insured.
Price of policy:
Price of the policy is readily affordable - in order to buy a policy, let us assume for 1 million UZS indemnity sum during one insured year the payment for price of the policy will be on average from 2.5 to 5.0 thousand UZS.
If you are:
- Giving an apartment for rent
- Going away on vacation or a long business trip
- Spending a lot of time on the job
Then you better think about the safety of your property and purchase a policy of our company
You can choose from:
1. The size of the sum insured - for example, the sum which you estimate the value of your home and property.
2. Insurance period - the period during which your home and contained household goods will be under insurance coverage
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