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30.04.2019 - KAFOLAT Insurance Company JSC took part in a scientific and practical meeting held at the Institute of Fire Safety on the topic “Problems of creating a fire insurance institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan” >>> | 29.04.2019 - The results of the first quarter of 2019 KAFOLAT Insurance Company >>> | 27.04.2019 - April 26 at the National University of Uzbekistan named Mirzo Ulugbek, a scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Priority directions of modernization of the insurance system of the national economy" >>>

Motor vehicle insurance

If you are:
- granting the right of driving to another person (a close relative or friend), to whom the qualification of which you are not sure!
- handing over a car for rental!
- Leaving the car for a long time without supervision!

Then you should think about buying our insurance policy.

When purchasing a policy in our company, you can select the following additional services:
- calling authorities and the General Directorate of Road Traffic Safety (GDRTS) and District Department of Internal Affairs (DDIA);
- Clarification of the circumstances of Road Traffic Accident (RTA);
- Tow truck to the garage or service center
- Collection of documents from the competent authorities;
- Determination of the magnitude of the damage;
- Organization of car repairs.
The price of insurance policy for a period of 1 year starts from 3% of the value of the car (insured amount), depending on the conditions of insurance.
Payment for the policy (insurance premium) can be made as a lump sum or quarterly, depending on the amount and duration of insurance.
Programs of auto insurance of SJSIC "Kafolat" (JSC) will insure your car against all risks, including:
- Road traffic accident (RTA);
- Theft (larceny, robbery)
- Wrongful acts of third parties;
- Fire
- The explosion
- Striking of objects;
- hijacking
- Natural disasters, etc.
For insurance the following types of vehicles are accepted:
- Passenger cars
- Trucks
- Special cars
- Buses
- Minibuses
- Trailers
- Semi-trailers;
- Motorcycles.
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