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Insurance of construction risks

Within the framework of insurance of  building and assembly jobs (BAJ) insurance covers a wide range of risks associated not only with the direct process of building and assembly jobs, but with the risk of loss of property located on a building site - building materials, construction equipment and temporary structures.

- The property interests related to the possession, use and disposal of property:
- The building;
- Construction;
- Machinery and equipment
- Cars and spare parts
- Materials and other property located on a building site and owned by the Insured and which is the subject of construction and installation;
Insured's liability for injury to life, health or property of third parties during the building and installation works
Insurance risks:
- Damage caused to property interests of third parties, as well as losses from physical liquidation or damage to the insured object, which occurred as a result of:
- The fall of the machinery, building materials and structures, and flying objects or aircraft;
- Fire;
- The explosion
- The storm
- Hurricane
- Shower
- Collapse
- Subsidence
- Landslide
- The action of groundwater
- Mudflow
- A lightning strike
- Earthquake;
- Hail
- Heavy snowfall or frost
- Burglary
- Failures in heating systems, water supply and sewerage networks;
- Breaking in the internal plumbing systems;
- Short-circuit, overvoltage, electrical arc;
- Willful misconduct of third parties;
- The emergence of civil liability towards third parties during the building and installation works.
- By agreement between the parties insurance may be carried out on all types of risks at the same time or in any combination of insurance risks