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06.09.2019 - JSC ”Insurance Company KAFOLAT” held a meeting with analysts of the international rating agency "Fitch Ratings" >>> | 05.09.2019 - Press about us >>> | 04.09.2019 - The field visits of the management of JSC "Insurance Company KAFOLAT" continues >>>

Services to private customers

- Accident insurance
- Family insurance against accidents
- Insurance for children from accidents during their stay in the leisure and health facilities
- Insurance of vehicles
- Insurance of vehicles with limited liability
- Property insurance against fire and natural disasters
- Property insurance against damage
- Motor vehicle liability insurance
- Credit insurance
- Accident insurance of natural persons
- Collective insurance against accidents at work
- Insurance for Schoolchildren from accidents
- Insurance of athletes from accidents
- Accident insurance of visitors for sporting, cultural and entertainment complexes
- Life and health insurance credit of the borrower from accidents
- Accident insurance of individuals living in hotels and their property from fire, natural disaster and damage
- Insurance of passengers from accidents
- Insurance of individuals going abroad
- Accident insurance of bank depositors
- Voluntary health insurance
- Family Accident Insurance
- Insurance against infectious diseases
- Property insurance of individuals
- Insurance of property transferred on bail
- Home insurance and household goods during vacation times
- Insurance of leased non-residential funds
- Insurance of vehicle owners as per their liability in front of third parties (PKM № 141 from 24.06.2008 y.)
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