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Who is an insurance agent?

The shape of communication with insurers selling insurance policies can be divided into direct sales of insurance policies in the offices or agencies of the insurance company and sale of insurance policies through insurance agents and alternative distribution network.

Sale of insurance policies through intermediaries is on a commission basis.
Acquisition - the professional work of an insurance agent and an insurance broker (acquirers) to attract new insurance of physical and legal persons in the insurance portfolio.

Intermediaries. Intermediaries in the insurance market are insurance brokers, agents, consultants, and many other people working in various positions. In some ways, they are a little different in what they do, how they do it, and the degree of responsibility for their actions.

Agent. Acting in accordance with the law, agent - a natural or legal person who acts for the benefit of another person, but in the insurance term is generally limited to the person or firm, whose main occupation is on a different field. For example, real estate agents, agents of companies, accountants, garage owners and building societies can be called agents because their clients may require insurance coverage, and these mediators may organize.

Psychological portrait of an insurance agent. First, he/she is the merchant. His task - to find the potential client and convince him to buy insurance right now in the insurance company and specifically with the proposed terms. Second, he is an educator. No articles in the press will replace a live conversation with the person in the formation of an insurance culture. Third, he/she is an economist. He must in place, by a few minutes, calculate the risk and benefit of the transaction for the company and for the customer assess their creditworthiness. Fourth, it is a kind of criminologist. He must feel tricky customer about to cheat the insurance company. Fifth, it is the manager. is work is so diverse in content, scattered in time and space, without a clear organizing their own activities, without the art of "government of oneself" it is very difficult to handle. Sixth, he - a practicing psychologist. His craft - to find contact with people, to talk to each person in his own language, to be able to persuade. Otherwise he will not overcome all the psychological barriers.
To cope with the work, the insurance agent needs qualities such as energetic and high mobility. Insurance agent is often peculiar with some adventurism because his earnings depend on his energy, skills and luck.

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