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Resume of candidates for insurance agents

Insurance agent

Job responsibilities. Performs operations for concluding a contract of property and personal insurance, examines regional conditions and the demand for certain insurance services. Analyzes the composition of the regional pool of potential customers, serves physical and legal persons representing institutions, organizations and enterprises of different ownership. Conducts reasoned conversations with potential and regular customers in order to get them interested in the conclusion or renewal of insurance (life, health, movable and immovable property, business and commercial activities, etc.). In the process of working with clients monitors, evaluates the characteristics of perception, memory, attention, motivation, behavior, and builds understanding in concluding contracts for insurance services. Establishes criteria and risk assessment at the conclusion of contracts for insurance, given the state of health, age, gender, education, years of work, the level of financial security and other subjective qualities that characterize the client. Concludes and formalizes insurance agreements, regulates the relationship between insurer and insured, ensures their implementation, and performs acceptance of premiums. Provides the correct calculation of insurance premiums, registration of insurance documents and their safety. Promotes interest in and demand for insurance services, given the need to strengthen the material and moral support to diverse groups of population, as well as increase of risk in competition, bankruptcy, unemployment and other happenings in the contemporary context of social and economic processes. Assists clients in obtaining comprehensive information about the insurance conditions. Works on identifying and recording potential policyholders and insurance objects, estimates the cost of insurance objects. During the term of the contracts stays in contact with natural and legal persons who entered into a contract for insurance services. In the event of damage to the insured agent shall evaluate and determine the size of damage according to the criteria and level of risk. Considers submitted by the clients complaints and claims on controversial issues for the calculation and payment of premiums, payment of insurance indemnity when the insured event occurs under the terms of the contract. Establishes causes of violations of insurance contracts and takes measures for their prevention and elimination. Explores the untapped kinds of insurance services and prospects for application in practice and to create insurance bodies and services. In due course and in accordance with the requirements formalizes the necessary documentation, records and stores the documents relating to the conclusion of insurance contracts. Interacts with other insurance agents.

Must know:

  • regulatory legal acts, regulations, instructions, guidance and other materials and documents regulating the activities of insurance;
  • types of insurance services and terms of different types of insurance;
  • legal basis for the development of insurance business taking into account regional specific conditions;
  • the current system of social security;
  • methods for determining the degree of risk in concluding contracts for insurance services and damage assessment;
  • bases of market economy;
  • basic psychology and work organization;
  • procedure for the conclusion and registration of contracts for insurance services;
  • domestic and foreign experience in insurance of residents and public entities;
  • framework of labor law;
  • rules and job safety regulations.

The qualification requirements. Secondary vocational education and special training in the prescribed program without requiring a length of work.

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