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«Kafolat Insurance Company» JSC announces a competition to select an independent organization to evaluate the corporate governance system in the company based on the results of 2019 and the first half of 2020.
          In accordance with the Corporate Governance Code, in order to monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Code, joint stock companies evaluate the corporate governance system.
          An independent assessment of the company's corporate governance system is carried out 2 times a year - based on the results of each half-year. Based on the results of an independent assessment of the corporate governance system, a report in three languages is presented in the company, a summary table on the assessment of the corporate governance system, recommendations and suggestions for improving the corporate governance system in the company.
         The competition is held at: Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan, st. Amir Temur, 13-13A.
          Contact person: O. Levushkina, S. Buribaev. Phone: +998 71 202-20-26, +998 97 714-66-13
          For receiving the competition documentation and additional information, you can contact:
          The application in a sealed envelope with a cover letter signed by the head of the organization is submitted by the participant to the above address on business days from 09-00 to 18-00. Applications are accepted until 14-00 February 17, 2020.
          Organizations defined by the Corporate Governance Code approved by the Protocol of the meeting of the Commission on improving the efficiency of joint-stock companies and improving the corporate governance system No. 9 of 12/31/2015 are invited to participate in the competition.
          The bid must be presented in a sealed envelope and contain the following:
• Information about the organization, as well as the insurance policy;
• A competition participant’s proposal indicating the deadlines for the work and the maximum cost of services for assessing the corporate governance system based on the results of 2019 and for the first half of 2020 and other relevant information;
• Copies of state registration certificates, relevant licenses, qualification certificates and employee certificates.
         The competition proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope by the bidder until                 14-00 February 17, 2020. Envelopes submitted by participants will be opened on February 17, 2020 at 16-00.
          Bids submitted by the participants will be considered at the above address in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the competition documentation.
The winner of the competition is the participant who has proposed in the aggregate the most favorable conditions for the company.

         The main announcement is placed on a special information portal (

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